Leadership & Staff

The Wake Forest Catholic Community is led by a team of student leaders who provide pastoral leadership and creative programming for the community.  They facilitate small groups, coordinate retreats, and plan social events so that everyone can find a way to explore and integrate their faith with their lives.


President – Andy Benson – Class of 2023 – bensap19@wfu.edu

Andy Benson

Vice President – Marilla Morrison – Class of 2023 – morrmg19@wfu.edu

Marilla 2

Secretary – Kristen O’Sullivan – Class of 2024 – osulke20@wfu.edu

Kristen O Sullivan

Co-Treasurer – Emily Harkins – Class of 2022 – harkem18@wfu.edu

Emily Harkins

Co-Treasurer – David Hooker – Class of 2022 – hookdw18@wfu.edu

David Hooker

Co-Treasurer – Gabby Bognet – Class of 2023 – bogngm19@wfu.edu

Gabby Bognet


Peer Ministry Co-Chair – Monica Hernandez – Class of 2022 – hernmb19@wfu.edu

Monica Hernandez

Peer Ministry Co-Chair – Colleen Condon – Class of 2023 – condcm19@wfu.edu


Wake Forest Catholic Community Staff 

Catholic Campus Minister – Fr. Marcel Amadi


From Lagos, Nigeria, Father Marcel was ordained in 2003. After which he served as Personal Secretary to the Archbishop of Lagos, and also Archdiocesan Secretary and Master of Ceremonies for 7 years. He edited and published a collection of the Cardinal’s messages, homilies, and speeches. He also published three other books including a book of his personal poems.

Following his archdiocesan services in Nigeria, Father Marcel came to the United States to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Fordham University,  New York, and is now working on his Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Psychology. While studying at Fordham, he served as Parochial Vicar at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Manhattan and as Director of Religious Education in the Parish.

Having experienced God’s love as a small boy and through the years, especially from the example of other priests reaching out to those in need, Father Marcel is happy to be among university students today, spreading that love and faith.

Associate University Chaplain for Catholic Life – Liz Orr

Elizabeth Orr & Olive

The WFCC is also led by Liz Orr, the Associate University Chaplain for Catholic Life.  In partnership and collaboration with the Diocese of Charlotte, Liz provides programmatic support, fundraising resources, leadership development, spiritual direction and pastoral care for the Catholic community.  Liz is originally from outside of Boston, where she earned her Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.  She also holds certification in Spiritual Formation and Direction from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, and is currently writing a book about the Enneagram and self compassion.  When not at work, Liz loves swimming, true crime podcasts, stand up comedy, competitive axe throwing, and spending time at the dog park with her pup Olive.

Pastoral Associate – Olive


The WFCC is provided generous pastoral care in large part by Olive.  Olive is part schnauzer, part mini pinscher, and all stubborn.  She is often found in Liz’s office,  and she loves belly rubs and treats.  She is working on her obedience training, and has mastered sit, down, and stay, as long as there is a treat involved.  Her favorite activities include chewing up her mothers blinds, digging, and wrestling with bigger dogs at the dog park.